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recipe ideas? + food diary

April 6, 2011

The 6th is always a holiday in my house. It’s the day we thank social services and do a little dance because I get my food stamps! It’s baaarely enough for the two of us but every bit counts, especially since I don’t know what Epic and I would do without them. Bother our mothers by showing up for dinner constantly? Yeah, they know why we get real friendly at the end of the month…

It’s an especially fun day for me because not only do I get to eat (a necessity) but I LOVE food shopping. It’s like clothes shopping but I don’t have to do any laundry. Actually, sometimes it can be more fun; I’m not always in the mood to go clothes shopping but food, YES. Anytime. Panties and sock shopping are always okay, too. This is when I pull out all the recipes I printed up at work at the end of the month, blissfully ignoring my job and thinking about what I’d like to cook soon. But this time, I’m not really in the mood. The recipes I picked two weeks ago don’t sound appealing today. Eric’s been eating more meat so I printed a bunch of paleo/primal meals, but honestly…? Ick. We’re both not feelin’ meat as a main focus. We had a LOT of it last week since I increased my workout but even if I crave it, it was definitely overkill. Anyway, we have some super yummy meat in the freezer so it’s not something I need to shop for right now.

What I want is veggies, fruits, nuts, butter, fish and protein powder. I guess my protein craving shifted from bacon to grain. A gritty vanilla rice protein bomb smoothie sounds AMAZING right now. I’ll probably be eating a lot of raw beegan (hee) food as I tend to want it during the spring and summer. So hey, here’s where I need your help! Do you have any recipes, cookbooks or ingredients you think I should check out right now? Obviously if it’s something like pork shanks, I can’t help you. But closer to the lines of what Epic and I can/want to eat right now (gluten-free, preferably grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low-glycemic, low meat, fresh, etc etc), is there anything delicious you’ve been cooking up or are inspired by?


And just to spice this post up, here’s a little things-I-sort-of-remember-cooking-this-week food diary:

  • Black bean burgers made with a lot of veggies, beans, and my FAVORITE FAKE GROUND MEAT EVER, Ricki’s recipe from Diet, Dessert and Dogs (which is TOTALLY paleo/primal, woo hoooo)
  • Sweet mochi rice with coconut milk, bananas and pineapple drizzled up on top
  • The most bomb-ass peanut (or almond butter) satay chicken ever ever over salad greens. I’ll make this again with some chicken for him and broccoli for me because Epic thinks it’s better than candy. Recipe coming soon!
  • Teriyaki/BBQ mash-up chicken with brown rice (for breakfast, which is why I’m meat-ed out). I made a lot of this so I brought a serving for my boss/father in law for lunch to share the love.
  • Gingered carrots with mahi mahi from Everyday Paleo for dinner last night. Leftover fish tacos for lunch today!
  • Trader Joe’s almond milk with  vacuum-dried banana chips. My current favorite snack.

mochi rice, bananas, pineapple and coconut milk... mmm, comfort food.

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  1. April 6, 2011 7:34 pm

    I love this line: “I LOVE food shopping. It’s like clothes shopping but I don’t have to do any laundry”. You are hilarious!
    Thanks so much for mentioning my fake meat recipe–and I am so glad that you like it! We just had some crumbled over pasta (don’t mix it in the sauce–it just dissolves throughout for a very ugly-looking sauce)–and it was delicious. And as for recommendations that fit your criteria, well, pretty much everything on my blog snce March 2009 applies! 😉

    • April 7, 2011 3:15 pm

      Oh wow, thank-you so much! Your blog is hands down one of my favorites on the web. The content can be funny, heartfelt, silly, etc — and it doesn’t hurt that I can eat every single thing on there, either! 😀 I’ve already got ingredients for the brownie bites and “beef” jerky on my shopping list. The latter might become a staple in our house.

  2. April 9, 2011 4:48 am

    The Cafe Flora Cookbook is my fresh and delicious vegan-y food bible. It’s the book I take home to convince my family that vegetarians aren’t a bunch of dizzy hippies. It’s one of those cookbooks where even if you don’t follow the recipes it fills you with ideas you can improvise on.

    Just finished some Pineapple Tofu Wraps with cilantro jalapeno quinoa (instead of the rice that was suggested) for my lunches this week! ❤ Though my personal favorite are the Curry Quinoa Lentil Burgers.

    • April 10, 2011 7:51 pm

      ooh, yum! oddly enough, I never ate at that place in all my years at UW. I’ll probably throw it some love the next time I’m in the city. Anything that combines pineapple and jalapenos is instant gold in my book. 😀


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