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chermoya for breakfast

May 10, 2011

breakfast & snacks: black tea with almond milk, grain-free bread, vegan mac n cheese with brown rice pasta and veggies, chermoya, a tangerine and the last cupcake from mother's day.

There’s a mysterious fruit at my co-op called a Chermoya. It’s priced a bit steep — somewhere around $6.50 a pound — but every month I treat myself to one weird food present, so I decided to splurge. This was a terrible decision, because now it’s the only thing I ever want to eat. Apples? Satsuma? Pshaw! Why the hell would I put any of those in my mouth when I can eat something that tastes like a banana and a pineapple made sweet, sweet creamy babies? The flavor is also similar to Jackfruit chips I like to buy from the little Asian market. I think I’m in love.

I tried to make the Rosemary Garlic Sandwich Bread from The Spunky Coconut this morning. I substituted the four chicken eggs for three large duck eggs, xanthan gum for 1/2 t chia meal, almond milk for cashew milk, honey for agave and dropped the rosemary and garlic. It, uh… well, I wouldn’t call it bread, exactly. Don’t get me wrong, it really is tasty. The loaf is overall nice and non-offensive. But it reminds me more of coffee cake, and the texture is DEFINITELY cakey. Sponge cake.  Seriously, when I squish it it sounds like a moist sponge. It’s also quite flat, which Kelly warned about but dang, my slices look like biscotti. FLAT. It’s really not the texture I’m looking for but I’m glad it’s a quick, reliable recipe (which would be a lot more “bread” like if I bake it in a smaller pan) when I need something to smear butter all over. That’s the real reason I crave bread — I just don’t have anything paleo or grain free that’s quite as good of a butter vehicle.

Also, my tea is terrible. Like, fucking awful. Since this is the first time I’ve made it, I can’t tell if it’s the tea itself, Basilur’s Nuwara Eliya (I taste-tested Epic’s glass and it was fine, albeit bitter) or maybe my glass. I have their Uva tea and it’s really, really delicious. To be fair, when I got to work and went to unscrew the lid a black ink-like substance seeped out. EWW. Where is that even coming from? And it smells like the bleach I use on my hair. Let’s… let’s not drink that, okay?

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