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The return of food diary

July 12, 2011

My people! Hello!

I’m almost done unpacking (I always promise myself it’ll be finished tomorrow) and have therefore returned to a life of computer-less blogging. There are two big changes:

1) I have a fancy new phone that functions like a little computer. Therefore, I can make (or at least start) WordPress posts on the go.

2) Now I’m only cooking for one.

Yeah, #2 is the biggest adjustment. It’s already a huge lifestyle change, but now when I cook I have leftovers! I can use chicken eggs, chickpeas and sesame!  Yet for the most part, I genuinely enjoy eating the way I was. A paleo and raw-inspired diet did my body very, very well. Grain-, dairy- (except butter) and sugar-free makes me feel good. Let’s celebrate my new single life and return to a sense of normalcy with an approximate, hazy memory of what I ate this week.

Food Diary for the week of July 3rd-11th

or: what I ate when I stopped unpacking and embraced bachelor living

  • Boxed mac and cheese. I ain’t ashamed. This right here is the most supreme of comfort foods (which is also a culmination of everything I don’t eat, but whatever). I chopped up a chicken sausage and used coconut keefir + ghee for the cheese sauce to ease my tummy. Annie’s, baby.
  • Green smoothies. The blender got unpacked first, of course. I’ve had a lot of spinach, bananas, orange juice, sprouted rice protein powder, cacao nibs, frozen berries, kale, almond butter, etc etc…
  • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Oh jeez, who am I kidding? I fell — face planted — off the wagon this week. But they have Mission to Marzipan at my local Grocery outlet, so I am powerless. And stressed. I’m lucky they don’t have the Cake Batter flavor because that’s all I’d ever eat. I need an ice cream maker STAT.
  • Egg & veggie scrambles. Dark leafy greens, onions, garlic, sometimes a little meat and lots of eggs. Delicious every time.
  • Salmon croquettes. My stand-by cheap, chewy good protein snack recipe.
  • Stuff from my mother’s fridge. Thanks, ma! Love you!
  • Sunbutter. Just spoonfuls of the stuff. A friend and I found a jar in his parent’s kitchen, which we promptly abducted and ravished. I wish I had a more powerful food processor so I could make my own.
  • Raw blueberry cheesecake. You know the drill — soaked raw cashews, blueberries, lemon juice, tahini, stevia, almonds… just google that shit to find a million different versions. I didn’t even use a recipe because I make these so much.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches. With Daiya, sweet mustard and OlyKraut, oh yes. This is about the point in the week where I feel my throat getting a little sore because I’ve had too much wheat and sugar. Hmm.

Take a gander at yesterday’s breakfast/lunch: Green smoothie (OJ, cacao nibs, protein/green/magnesium/chia powder mix, coconut keefir, spinach, raw honey), sliced tomato, sliced apple, two softboiled eggs from the chickens of one of my mom’s coworkers, more OJ in an old kombucha bottle and a bacon/beef patty cut up into strips. I’m not usually feeling red meat, but it was in my moms’ freezer from the local butcher so it is fairly tasty and very free. (Thanks again, mom!) Then I wrecked my guts by eating more Ben & Jerry’s when I got home. Oops.

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