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eggs eggs eggs eggs

April 10, 2011

Happy day! Glorious day! Epic ate duck eggs for the past two mornings as an experiment… and he can eat them with no pain. For me this is beautiful, wonderful news because I freaking love eggs. Eggs and nuts are the two protein sources my body loves the most but when chicken eggs got knocked off the list (he’s allergic), I scrambled quickly for a new protein source and just looked for an instant fix with meat. Okay, we can both tell it’s not what our bodies want all the time. It’s also been a pain with grain-free cooking, because what the hell do we use for binders and extra protein? Flax and chia seeds work (sometimes) but my brain needed  a quick fix while I figure out the proper ratio for those per recipe. But now! Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggsssss

recipe ideas? + food diary

April 6, 2011

The 6th is always a holiday in my house. It’s the day we thank social services and do a little dance because I get my food stamps! It’s baaarely enough for the two of us but every bit counts, especially since I don’t know what Epic and I would do without them. Bother our mothers by showing up for dinner constantly? Yeah, they know why we get real friendly at the end of the month…

It’s an especially fun day for me because not only do I get to eat (a necessity) but I LOVE food shopping. It’s like clothes shopping but I don’t have to do any laundry. Actually, sometimes it can be more fun; I’m not always in the mood to go clothes shopping but food, YES. Anytime. Panties and sock shopping are always okay, too. This is when I pull out all the recipes I printed up at work at the end of the month, blissfully ignoring my job and thinking about what I’d like to cook soon. But this time, I’m not really in the mood. The recipes I picked two weeks ago don’t sound appealing today. Eric’s been eating more meat so I printed a bunch of paleo/primal meals, but honestly…? Ick. We’re both not feelin’ meat as a main focus. We had a LOT of it last week since I increased my workout but even if I crave it, it was definitely overkill. Anyway, we have some super yummy meat in the freezer so it’s not something I need to shop for right now.

What I want is veggies, fruits, nuts, butter, fish and protein powder. I guess my protein craving shifted from bacon to grain. A gritty vanilla rice protein bomb smoothie sounds AMAZING right now. I’ll probably be eating a lot of raw beegan (hee) food as I tend to want it during the spring and summer. So hey, here’s where I need your help! Do you have any recipes, cookbooks or ingredients you think I should check out right now? Obviously if it’s something like pork shanks, I can’t help you. But closer to the lines of what Epic and I can/want to eat right now (gluten-free, preferably grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, low-glycemic, low meat, fresh, etc etc), is there anything delicious you’ve been cooking up or are inspired by?


And just to spice this post up, here’s a little things-I-sort-of-remember-cooking-this-week food diary:

  • Black bean burgers made with a lot of veggies, beans, and my FAVORITE FAKE GROUND MEAT EVER, Ricki’s recipe from Diet, Dessert and Dogs (which is TOTALLY paleo/primal, woo hoooo)
  • Sweet mochi rice with coconut milk, bananas and pineapple drizzled up on top
  • The most bomb-ass peanut (or almond butter) satay chicken ever ever over salad greens. I’ll make this again with some chicken for him and broccoli for me because Epic thinks it’s better than candy. Recipe coming soon!
  • Teriyaki/BBQ mash-up chicken with brown rice (for breakfast, which is why I’m meat-ed out). I made a lot of this so I brought a serving for my boss/father in law for lunch to share the love.
  • Gingered carrots with mahi mahi from Everyday Paleo for dinner last night. Leftover fish tacos for lunch today!
  • Trader Joe’s almond milk with  vacuum-dried banana chips. My current favorite snack.

mochi rice, bananas, pineapple and coconut milk... mmm, comfort food.

Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing and Salmon or Eggs

March 25, 2011

Epic and I have been trying to cleanse/detox this week. Read: drink no alcohol, smoke no cigarettes and put away the bong. Our diet has been way cleaner too. Sometimes your body just needs  a break, right? We’ve been eating a lot of raw vegan but my intense workout (aerials and now floor acrobatics) has me CRAVING way more protein than nuts and veggies have been able to give me. I mean, wake-up-at-three-AM-and-want-to-eat-an-entire-chicken cravings. But chicken gives me nasty farts (boo) and I think they’re cute so I’m eating a lot of fish and eggs. I still want veggies with my protein so here’s a bomb-ass salad that we’ve been eating variations of all week. You can see that I took the laaaast of it to work this morning in this sad little camera phone picture. It tastes SO MUCH BETTER than it looks. It’s like the perfect spring food! I’m gonna make it again next week ahhhhh ahhh AHHHH

Salad with Lemon Basil Dressing, Grilled Onions and Salmon or Eggs

Feeds two happily, but I made double this because we like it so hard.


  • 2 T butter, ghee or coconut oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 red onion, quartered and sliced
  • 3-4 cloves garlic minced fine
  • 2 salmon steaks, thawed or fresh (I’m able to buy frozen Quinault treaty wild-caught at my local co-op and it is the best frozen fish I have ever had, hands down.) OR however many eggs you & the people you’re feeding collectively want. Or do both! Go crazy! Or neither and keep it vegan.
  • 1/2 lemon
  • optional: a dash of fish sauce

Rinse off the salmon and pat dry. Add your oil, salt and pepper to a medium-hot pan. Throw in the onions and garlic and stir around, coating everything in oil. Lay the steaks on top of the onions, put a lid on the pan and set it to medium-low. You’ll leave it there for at least 5 minutes, 10 max. If you don’t eat fish, here’s the egg option: soft boil them and just grill up your onions on medium heat.  Both the eggs and fish need time to cook, so in the mean time…


  • 1 big head of lettuce OR big bag of salad mix. Enough for two people.
  • 2 green onions, diced up nice
  • 1/2 cup nuts. I’d use pumpkin seeds or almonds, but had some raw nut crackers that I crumbled up instead.

Rinse veggies, mix it all, etc. Check your salmon! How’s it looking?  You’re going to want it cooked through but not overdone. Are your eggs boiled?


  • 1 lemon peeled & seeded + juice of half a lemon
  • 1/4 c extra virgin olive oil OR melted coconut oil
  • pinch salt
  • ground pepper to taste
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2 bundles Thai basil (or regular, but this shit was on sale!)
  • huge pinch dry parsley
  • 3 T raw honey
  • dash of H20

Throw it all in a blender and process until smooth.

If your salmon looks good and done on the top, bring your heat up to a medium-high and flip it into the pan (no longer on top of onions) and get rid of the lid. Let all that sweet, sweet juice sizzle off for a minute while you sear it on one side, then flip and let it sear on the other for a minute max. Move the onions around to make sure nothing burns! I cooked my salmon for about 10 minutes total from start to finish. When it looks done (break a piece apart to make sure, unless it’s fresh and you like it extra pink inside) squeeze half a lemon over the top and remove from heat.  If you cooked eggs, shell and chop them all up in a bowl with the onions. Put everything out, let people serve themselves and watch it disappear.

Smoothie of the Day: Pina Colada Stomach Soother

March 7, 2011

Pineapple is what does my stomach good here. Thanks, bromelain! Image from Wikipedia.

Okay, I could have done a million things to make this much easier on the tummy. But I’m not in THAT much pain; Epic and I just need some routine gastronomic maintenance. We had a dirty street fight with a bag of (Jalepeno!) Cheetos last night and I think we won. It was the cap to a huge kick of binge drinking. Today when I woke up our room smelled like farts, which means it’s time to get back to eating Good Things (i.e., not tequila for dinner). I can’t wait until the weather warms up so I can open a window in there, eww.

Pina Colada Stomach Soother Smoothie

Makes about 4c, feeds 2. Blend it all up!
  • 1 c water
  • 1 c coconut milk OR another c water + a small handfull of shredded coconut
  • 2 big pineapple spears, or maybe 3-4 rings (as long as it’s fresh)
  • 1 banana
  • a handful of cilantro
  • 1 c spinach (packed)
  • 1 orange, peeled
  • 1 little knob of ginger, peeled
  • 1 heaping scoop of almond butter
  • optional extras: 2 scoops hemp protein, 4 drops stevia, a scoop of “tropical” magnesium, a spoon of green powder, a scoop of fiber and a few dropperfulls of a ginger/cinnamon/etc digestive tincture I’ve got in the cupboard

Besides this giant smoothie, I’ll be mostly snacking on nuts and drinking a lot of peach detox tea today to give my stomach a break. Then I’ll be terrible and finish up the bag of Cheetos.

Smoothie of the Day: Raspberry Pecan Whatever

February 28, 2011
mesquite powderrrrrrr

The kind of mesquite I have, from Navitas Naturals.

Smoothies are my favorite thing to eat for breakfast. When I’m done with morning stretches, I want what I eat to be easy on my sleepy digestive track. Smoothies deliver the goods. I’ve also been consuming a lot of cooked stuff in this chilly wet season, which makes me a little sluggish. My body needs fresh stuff to keep it feeling good but a salad sounds like the least appetizing thing in the world right now, so… hellooo, blender. This one started out as a “we’re out of food stamps, what’s in the fridge” drink. Now I need it ALL THE TIME. It tastes like a summer raspberry lime pie. I think mesquite is the secret ingredient but if you haven’t got it, don’t worry.

Raspberry Pecan Whatever Smoothie

makes about 4 c, feeds 2.
  • 1/2 c frozen or fresh raspberries
  • 1/2 c orange juice
  • 1 c water
  • 2 c (not terribly packed, but y’know, full) baby spinach
  • 1 tsp mesquite powder
  • 1/4 c pecans
  • pinch salt
  • 1/4 c cilantro
  • 1/4 c vanilla coconut bliss OR yogurty-stuff
  • additional powders of choice, totally optional: I used a spoon of green powder, a scoop of fiber, some hemp protein powder and a little stevia to balance it out (the hemp makes everything taste like dirt).

Blend & drink. Yum.

GF, CF, egg-free, vegan-or-meat stuffed squash

February 21, 2011

At my local co-op there is the mystery prize box known as the 4000 bin. All the produce that is usually edible yet bruised, cracked, sporting mysterious gouges or broken in half goes there. Anything in it is 50 cents per pound. Not all of it is good; half-rotted tomatoes and leaking oranges shouldn’t go in anybody’s mouth. The rest, though — daaaang, the rest is great. I get all of my soup veggies there and it ends up costing me around $3 to make like 12 cups of broth. Nice!

The other week, I got a couple small acorn squash. One of them got squishy fast while the other waited patiently. Epic doesn’t usually like squash because he finds it too “fleshy.” I think this is hi-larious because, um, he routinely eats meat. I liked the long bake times of this recipe because I could get ready for work while the oven did its thing. There wasn’t any machinery involved either (blender, food processor, etc) so I didn’t wake anyone up.

acorn squash

I made mine without the buffalo and didn’t take no pictures of his.

Sweet/Savory Stuffed Acorn Squash

with buffalo if you roll that way. Serves 2 for a small breakfast.
  • 1 small acorn squash
  • 2 Tbsp oil (I used a ghee/coconut oil mix)
  • 1 clove garlic, diced fine
  • 1/4 c diced onions
  • 1 tsp diced rosemary (jeez, is there another word I can use for “diced”?) OR 3/4 tsp clove powder. Each will make the dish taste way different.
  • 1/4 c raisins
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • pepper to taste
  • 1/2 t light vinegar (like apple cider or coconut)
  • 1 buffalo meat patty (optional)

Turn your oven on to 350 degrees. Cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds, then coat with 1 Tbsp oil. Bake it about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut up your onions, garlic, rosemary and buffalo patty. Throw everything except the buffalo and raisins into a bowl. Once the squash has baked remove from oven and spoon its guts into the bowl, keeping the shell/skin intact. The meat of it should still be a little hard. Mash everything up, then mix in raisins and choose: you can scoop the mix into both skins for a totally veggie experience, or you can mix in the buffalo patty and make ’em meat-tastic. I made one meatless (for me) and then mixed the patty into the second one (for him).  Place them both back into the oven at 400 degrees for another 30 minutes. Bam! Breakfast!